Pendorra Stylus Pen Drawing Pencil Grey

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  • Sensitive: The accurate active fine point stylus pens with 2.2mm fiber tip, durable stylus thin tip make pressure-sensitive lines while painting and handwriting or drawing naturally on Capacitive touch screen devices.
  • Smart Power Saving: It will shut off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity, or you can shut it off immediately, to save power and prolong play time.
  • Rechargeable: This is rechargeable stylus pen, comes with portable micro USB connector and 50cm micro USB male to female Cable, It is more convenient than charge it with micro USB connector directly. Compatible with any USB charging ports, can charge it with PC, Notebook,Power Bank.
  • Easy Operation & Compatible: Press the button and light flashed,then you can use it. No need to pair with any apps. Press it again, it will turn it off to save power. This pen is compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone, iPod, Kindles, Samsung Galaxy, Android Device, Tablets and other capacitive touch screen device.
  • Application & Improvement: This stylus pen is perfect for taking notes, drawing, sketching, Handwriting etc. Add Shut off function and it can be writing drawing while charging.